Monday, August 29, 2005

Eat for less!

Okay - so I'm cheap...but who isn't?! I mean, if you can save more money to eat more good food later - why not? There is a website that allows you to do just this. I was skeptical at first since not all my favorite restaurants are on this list...but surprisingly some of them are. The website is I've put a link to the right under "dine out for less!" for your clicking pleasure.

One place in particular that we like to go to for Shabu Shabu in the Orange County area is Koji's. Koji's isn't cheap by any means; it's located at The Block. But it's much closer than say, Little Tokyo in Downtown L.A. and there's lots of entertainment and shoppping to go along with the dinner so we like to go there before movies for a really nice dinner of shabu shabu or sushi or BOTH!

One winter - we stopped into Koji's and saw a promotion for gift certificates...the sign said "buy a $25 gift certificate for $10". That's 40% off your meal instantly! We jumped all over this deal. Ofcourse, there's some stipulations. You cannot combine more than 1 gift certificate per visit; One gift certificate per customer and I believe the gift certificate was only valid with parties of 2 or more. (sux for singles) But I could manage to fall into the "table for 2 please" category either with friends or my bf and so I bought several gift certificates. I have since used them all. :( With winter so far away - it was really hard to justify eating at Koji's now. But appeared and to my surprise - had the same deals. I actually think it WAS the same deal - Koji's just chose to advertise the same in their restaurant for some reason.

Long story short - browse the link to the right under the section "dine out for less!" - you might actually find a restaurant you like in there or one that you frequent. This is a good way to save on meals instantly. I also believe there is a 10% discount off your first purchase...if you are a going out foodie - I highly recommend taking a look.

*** READ THE FINE PRINT in the coupons please...some coupons are only good at certain meals and times and have other restrictions. ***


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