Friday, August 26, 2005

I luuuv food parties...

So it's that time of year that almost everyone loves...birthday day! I hear some of you moaning, but for some - it's just absolute fun. Especially when it involves Yum-e food! Here is an excerpt from my girlfriend's birthday invitation for tomorrow:

You're Invited!
It's potluck, so bring a dish AND a dessert.
(I'm craving sweets.)

My girlfriend's cravings are completely justified as she's pregnant with her second little 'puppy' at the moment (puppy=baby for those who don't know my crazy lingo) and her taste-buds for sweet things are highly hightened at the moment. I saw the invite and was super happy when I saw we were to bring TWO things, lol...seriously, I was ecstatic. Man - but what to bring? I think I might actually make that Creme Brule French Toast I mentioned in an earlier post and see how it fares. :P It's kind of inbetween a dessert and main dish for a brunch style lunch. Though we'll be eating at 1p in the afternoon - so this might not be a good thing to make. Who am I kidding, she's preganant and really really wants sweets...who am I to deny her?! Folks I think I have my just to think of a main dish...

uh oh - any ideas?


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