Monday, August 08, 2005

My first Taco post...

I know some people, one of them being my good friend Jenn, who just luuuuuuuuuuv Tacos. I mean these people are crazy for Tacos. So when I had some awesome fish tacos a few weeks ago I went straight to their blog to go see what they've written on the place. To my surprise, it wasn't listed. So I'm going to make my first post to the infamous Taco blog and see if I can't convince the taco addicts there to try the fish tacos at this new place. What's this place you say? It's called El Taco Nazo. They don't have a fancy website - so you gotta just look up some locations near you on the web. Everyone, including me, luuuuv them Ensenada-style fish tacos. They're so cheap so get a lot cuz 2 wasn't enough for me! Enjoy! (for those of you out of Southern Cal...I apologize if there isn't any near you.)

p.s. Thanks to Pokeroot for the Taco experience


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