Thursday, October 27, 2005

"You stay mauka or makai side?"

A little bit of pigin opens up this post for Chef Nobu's newest creation out on the Santa Monica side...or should I say, the makai side?

"Kai" supposedly means ocean in Hawaiian and thus, the new name for the new restaurant near the ocean in Santa Monica. I didn't think Chef Nobu thought of li'l ole Hawaii at all - but it's nice that he does. I've never been to the place yet - don't know if I'll ever since my trendying days are over but it sounds like fun...though it also sounds like it could be a little over done polynesian style. But I shouldn't judge before I see it. So if you're out on the west side - go try ma'Kai or known just by "Kai" by the namesake sign posted outside the restaurant and let me know how it fares.


At 1:00 AM, Blogger Rokes said...

Ooh, that sounds hella good; we gotta try that next time I'm home!! Here's another restaurant with the same name that "Kai" and I like to go to! It's very Japanese, but it's pretty tasty! Check it out:
(Click on Kai on the left side)


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