Monday, April 24, 2006

Hui! pss-pss...and den?

If you're filipino - you should've gotten the title...I miss how my Grandma would call me that way. :) Love ya grams!

Anyway - just had to tell you about this yummy bread-snack-dessert known as ensaymada. It is the one of my faaaavorite filipino things. I used to crave the version I knew growing up with in Hawaii which was just a round flat pastry smothered with a sugar and butter spread. yummy! But THEN...oh, then I got introduced to this version made by Goldilocks Bakery and Restaurant in Cerritos and I was forever changed. Though I'll still buy the other ensaymada at Zippy's when I'm at home, out here - Goldilocks' ensaymada reigns. I like it straight outta the bag - but a tip from my friend is to heat it up for 10 secs and then enjoy!


At 11:42 AM, Anonymous Kirk said...

Just the mention of Zippy's makes me crazy...... I enjoyed reading your posts.


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