Monday, May 08, 2006

"No appetizers please, we're saving room for dessert."

I had the privilege of dining with great food aficionados last night and what a night it was. We dined at the famous Ruth Chris Steakhouse. I've been there once before so I knew the drill - but some of the others hadn't. But soon they became familiar with the awesome smells of the buttery sizzling plates that would wander by to surrounding tables. This group of gals combines a plethera of personalities...yet, we all ordered the SAME THING! Usually at least one of us has a craving for something different and so we order a whole bunch of different things and proceed to "share" our portions. But this time the lure of the Filet Mignon was too irresistable - and no one wanted to share the butter on their plates. However...we were convined to share the sides and what a great decision that was - well, great until we all tried the Sweet Potato with Pecan Crust. Oh man - it took all our strength to not snag the whole thing! It was like dessert before entree! And for me that's like sin! Can't have dessert before the entree...but I made an exception this time. Oh - it was soooo good. Made me think there was rum in that Pecan crust...and my guess was that there was a whole stick of butter in the potatoes...but my cousin begged to differ (or was it denial?).

Most of us managed to make it through the entire Filet that we each ordered - some got lucky and had some for left overs. (Though I am always terrified that I'll mess up the filet by nuking it the next day) Foruntely - I had enough room for dessert which is ALWAYS the plan with these women. :) And that's why I LOVE them...amongst other things of course. :P We usually order "n-1" desserts and share...but we decided on a luscious 4. If you haven't already noticed, I eat out with a bunch of smart smart Engineers...all women. :) So yeah - with 4 desserts, we all dig in with our separate dessert plates and coffee. We lucked out this time having all the decaf women sitting on one side of the table and the regulars on the other. I don't think the servers have ever had it so easy! We sipped on coffee while sampling Chocolate Explosion (the typical lava cake - chocolate cake with soft melty center with ice cream), Yummy Bread pudding with Creme Anglaise sauce, Classic Creme Brule (the ladie's fave) and a very delicious Banana Creme (where the banana's were bruleed/Caramelized! I gotta try that at home!).

At the end of the night - after lots of talk about who's working where, who's travelling where and where we are eating next...we all said our goodbyes, but not before checking out my cousin's awesome new car!

Cars, Filet Mignon, Decadent dessert and awesome company...who could ask for more? (well, of course we could ask for more - but we won' least not tonight)

thanks much ladies for a great dinner :) Until summer...


At 11:05 PM, Blogger justJENN said...

butter = vomit


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