Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Big Apple...

I love NYC...ofcourse, aside from the smell of the subways and the pollution. It's a culinary playground.

I will post the pics as they come in, but in the meantime - Check out Morimoto's. It's where we had a 10:15p reservation for dinner...yes, that's right, 10:15p. That's how popular this place is. Thanks to my uber friend who put this all together!

"What is Morimoto?" you ask. I would hope that you would know him already from reading this blog...but just in case...Morimoto is my favorite Iron Chef. Iron Chef Japanese. Here's a little more on the man himself.

At Morimoto's I had:
Dobin Mushi
Foie Gras Chawan Mushi
Seafood bouillabaisse

The Morimoto website points to the Philadelphia restaurant menu so you won't see some of the items I ordered on there - but man, if you like Foie Gras, you need to try the Chawan Mushi in NYC. It comes like a custard with a saucey layer on the top. Topping this delicate layer was a flavorful piece of duck. Mmm, looks like a flan dessert at first. I dipped the tiny little spoon into the Chawan Mushi and scooped up the silky foie gras. Yum-e! Then I had another spoonful with the piece of duck and nearly died. It was so good - the duck piece had so much flavor! My girlfriends laughed at me. It was the greatest thing I had that night actually.

After that, I had the lobster and seafood bouillabaisse in red miso sake broth. Oh wow - I was so full after eating this. There was a whole half lobster in this bowl. The bowl came steaming hot with a lid. The wait staff cautioned me to shield my face while they took off the lid. It was THAT hot. I had to let it cool for a second. Inside the broth there was whole shrimp, 1/2 lobster + additional lobster meat, clams, mussels and ABALONE. I soooo wanted rice with this dish but I knew it wasn't the way to enjoy it. Plus we had had appetizers already and were sharing so everyone was dangerously reaching "full" when the entrees came. I lapped the soup in the bowl stopping short of picking up the heavy stoneware and tilting it to get the rest of the soup. Since we were at a pretty trendy place - I decided to be civilized...though all civility probably went out the window when we started taking pictures of all of our food. ha!

I can't comment on the dessert because...well...we didn't have any. We were so full...but that really wasn't the reason why we didn't eat dessert. Shortly after eating dinner, we hopped a taxi to Serendipity to enjoy they're popular Frozen Hot Chocolate. We had a nice window side table for four and each enjoyed the frozen concoction. Actually, one of my girlfriends had a very sinful sundae instead. The sundae brought back visions of Farrel's and lots of good times.

Hoping that excercise might help make all the calories we just ate disappear, we walked back about 9 blocks to our hotel and crashed out until the next day.

I'd write more - but just writing about our Saturday night dinner and dessert is making me tired. :)


At 5:14 PM, Blogger Rokes said...

Did you know Farrell's is opening in Windward Mall back on Oahu? I haven't seen one of those in forever!

Did you cry cuz the food was so good?! Nah, just joke!

At 8:41 AM, Blogger Yum-e said...

I heard! Man - I gotta go there and celebrate someone's birthday. Do they still do the bells and whistles and run around with the big bowl of ice cream?

And I would've cried...but I didn't have enough wine. :P We missed you!

At 11:00 PM, Blogger Rokes said...

Oh, it didn't open yet! There's an IHOP opening there too!

Send me some pics of your NY trip! I'll send you some of my Japan trip!

At 12:23 PM, Blogger justJENN said...

I went to a "Farrell-y" type place in Pearl City. Lame when you're 30 years old. Just saying.

Also, Morimoto menu - HERE.


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