Thursday, June 22, 2006

I hate being sick...

...and yet it can't be avoided. I was fighting what seemed like the onset of a sinus infection earlier this week. The irritation of my sinus made it hard for me to swallow and thus there went enjoying nice delicious food. I fought my sickeness with plain Chicken Broth and a can of tuna for lunch, chicken noodle and tomato soups for dinner and lots and lots of water and tea. Two days later - I am doing fine but not without having to take a sick day off of work. But it was well worth it. I spent all day over bowls of hot water with a towel over my head to inhale the steam. (call me crazy, but I read about some home treatments on the internet and they worked!)

Nothing makes you cherish food more than the times in your life that force you away from food. Once I'm completely better - I'm gonna have some of the stuff I was craving earlier. :)


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