Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Room 4 Dessert...left me wanting to go to Chickalicious

:( I liked the place when I first walked in there...we sat at a very narrow and long bar. Not sure if some people like that, but I thought it to be modern. Though the look was nice, the workers kept running into each other behind the bar, breaking a few glasses here and there; it was kind of fun for us to see but not so fun if you're the owner.

Though the ambiance of the tastings were fun, my tastebuds weren't as satisfied. We ordered a chocolate "drink" which wasn't much of a drink but something in a glass and a tasting set (see the plate). If I had a chance to go back there - I'd try a different tasting option...but if I ever went back to New York, I'd go to Chickalicious instead.

Room 4 DessertRoom 4 DessertNYHoneymoon 102NYHoneymoon 101
Room 4 DessertRoom 4 Dessert


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