Monday, October 27, 2008

Just in the area...

Don't you hate it when you really don't need to buy something but you just do because you're "in the area"? I was in the Cerritos, CA area the other day and picked up some L&L Barbecue for my husband's dinner by the mall when I saw Goldilocks. (A Filipino establishment) I just HAD to pick up some ensaymadas! Those things are the bomb! Bread topped with sweet butter and...cheese! yes, you heard me right. And it's a glorious combination!

I first had ensaymada back in Hawaii as a kid from Zippy's bakeries across the island. Unfortunately they don't carry the said ensaymada anymore. It was a little twisted bread loaf topped with sugar and buttah! It was almost like eating bread and sugar sandwiches as kids! Goldilocks version is a bit different and I might actually like it better because of the use of a brioche type of bread and the addition of cheese. The "brioche" is not your typical brioche, it's a little lighter - but it works.

You should give it a try. And now Goldilocks sells them in smaller versions in prepackaged bags of 12! I LOVE it! These new versions look like they are just the "muffin tops" off the original. Elaine from Seinfeld would absolutely die for these. (or sue Goldilocks for taking her idea) Either way, it was just perfect for me because I like them with less bread and more buttah! MMMmmm, yum-e...


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