Friday, October 31, 2008

We all scream for ice cream!

So - I've been waiting to buy this book for a looong time now but haven't been able to due to time constraints or lack of a coupon. When I first bought my ice cream maker, I was in Williams-Sonoma. I'm a little uncomfortable around sales people because I have a problem with saying "no thanks" and so when the girl looks at my ice cream maker and says, "there's a recipe book that's really great that you might want to buy..." I should've paid attention to what she was saying but I kind of just wrote her off. (sorry 'bout that lady!) I just wanted to take my ice cream maker and run out of there! Anyway, I did manage to remember the title...well, sorta. I remember there was the word "scoop" in the title. Not surprisingly, that didn't help much. Then I remembered that the book cover was BLUE. Well, that narrowed it down a bit. Then I went over to visit a friend last weekend and low and behold, there was the exact book I saw in Williams-Sonoma sitting on the top of a stack of several ice cream recipe books. (Someone in this house loves ice cream...) If this isn't a sign that I'm supposed to get this book, I don't know what else is. Come to find out - it's one of the top rated ice cream recipe books on the internet right now, yes! So by the end of this week, I will have my book by David Lebovitz which has grown into somewhat of an obsession to me just because it has eluded me for so long.

So I owe an apology to Miss Williams-Sonoma for trying to offer me something really useful and I just blew it. My apologies!


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