Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cookie Dough Ice Cream

It was finally time to make something for my dear husband, poor guy. He had to wait this long for me to make something for him! He should've been the first recipient of all this ice creamy goodness but his request was not one for the first timer - or so I thought. Searching the Internet, I happened on this recipe. A recipe for imitating Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream.
This recipe had the usual base and so starting this recipe turned out not to be so bad at all. So I heated up the cream and eggs, etc. as usual on the burner and set aside the egg yolks and sugar for beating in my mixer.
While the cream was heating up, I started work on the cookie dough. Rather than make the dough myself (which I seriously thought to do so that I could like the bowl) I caved into my laziness and bought a tub of none other than Nestle Toll House Cookie dough from the market.
I measured out a cup and a half and then...
...proceeded to make little quinels of cookie dough.
BIG MISTAKE! These quinels, though small as they may seem right now, later turned out to be HUGE in the container. It made for very very tough scooping of the ice cream since that dough is very hard to cut through with a spoon when frozen - especially a plastic spoon!
Anyway, I digress. After putting the basic base into the bowl, you let that thing run and don't add the cookie dough in until 5 minutes before it's done.
This, we also would do differently only to get a better distribution of cookie dough in the ice cream. My husband suggested that I don't add the cookie dough into the machine, but to layer the ice cream and the cookie dough manually when putting the the ice cream into the containers. I think I will try that next time...with SMALLER PIECES! I'm telling you, the cookie dough bites were huge. Despite, things came out great and even the co-workers loved it...after having to break through a few plastic spoons that is. =)


At 4:39 PM, Anonymous Scoopalicious said...

JustJENN sent us to your site! We hear her and now we heart your site as well...couple of questions. Do you mind if we link to your site? Also where did you get those kick ass ice cream containers? LOVE them and wanna get some for myself!

bethany @ scoopalicious

At 4:54 PM, Blogger Yum-e said...

hiya bethany! Thanks sooo much for visiting my site! Jenn is just too sweet to send you over.

I'd be more than happy to be linked! And as far as where did I get my ice cream containers? I got them from Smart and Final - they have lots of cool containers and these take out soup containers are just the ticket. =) Hope you have a Smart and Final near you!

thanks again for the visit =)


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