Friday, May 15, 2009

Chocolate Chip Cupcakes w/ M&M's

What do you do with Yellow Cake Mix, Jumbo Milk Chocolate Chips & M&M's?
Cupcake field

Not from scratch! See the bought frosting in the background? *sigh* wanted smooth lookin' ganache but it wasn't going to happen that night.
Not from scratch!

5 M&M's seemed like a good number
Chocolate Chip cupcakes w/ M&M's
Jumbo Chocolate Chips
I actually had another 1/2 bad of these jumbo chocolate chips I wanted to use so I just dumped them into the batter. Wierd, they stuck to the sides of my mixer bowl and were a pain to get off! Then when test tasting one of the cupcakes, all the chips settled to the bottom. Made for a bit of a mess when eating them warm but I have a feeling they'll be a little more solid and less messy when cooled. (Though I think eating them warm is the best!)

I love my cupcake holder! (Though, on the second tier, the holder is not quite large enough to hold a regular cupcake upright. wierd!)
Cupcake Holder


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