Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Moffles attempt...w/o a waffle maker doh!

So I finally tried Jenn's moffles recipe (Mochi Waffles) on Memorial Day morning.
Mochiko for "Moffles"
I had been dying to try these! The only problem...I don't own a waffle maker. Whah..????!!! I've got an ice cream maker, a bread maker, a deep fryer, a couple crock pots and two rice pots. Heck, I even have a George foreman grill! But no waffle maker. What's up with that? So what do I do instead? Well, I bust out my pan and my egg fry rings. Here they are being buttered up in a bowl:
Buttering up stencils
Looking good after pouring the batter in:
Moffles using egg stencils
Removed the far so good!
Lookin' good so far
Doh! Spillage!!!!
Spillage :(
oh well - at least they're cooking.
I convinced myself that I had made "hidden Mickeys" on purpose, hahaha.
Hidden Mickey!
Besides my utter failure at cooking these with the WRONG appliances, the taste wasn't too bad. Not as crisp as the waffle maker would get them, but they tasted pretty darn good still with butter and some syrup. Thanks Jenn!


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