Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Hawaii Rejoice! Beard Papa's is here!

Oh my - if there was any reason to get a girl to move back to Hawaii, this would be one of the reasons...(courtesy of Rokes comment previous):
"Ooh, speaking of desserts, I FINALLY tried a Beard Papa's creampuff!! OMG...SO good. We got one vanilla and one coffee, but the vanilla one was much better. The crisp outside was a surprise since I've always had soft creampuffs. I like it better than Liliha's Cocopuffs now! There are 2 open in the Waikiki area! What a treat! ;)" -Rokes! Did you say B-E-T-T-E-R than Liliha's Cocopuffs? Daaaang. I'm telling ya, the original fusion of "pie crust" and regular puff pastry makes for an amazing texture! The world just gets better and better doesn't it? Well...some things...


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