Thursday, November 06, 2008

Crazy about guava and passion fruit

Back to when my pavlova had cooled, is was time to top it with good stuff.
Unfortunately, I had to assemble the pavlova with toppings at work (where we can't take pictures) so you won't get to see the finished product here but here's what I did...

Guava SlicesFreshly sliced guava
A co-worker from work (not Joan this time surprisingly) brought in fresh picked guavas! Whoah! They were so fragrant, they smelled up the whole office! (In a good way. Well, at least to me.) So I took a couple home, peeled the fruit and removed the seeds then sliced the guava really really thin. Then I made a stabilized whipped cream adding more of the passion fruit compound I had on hand. Various recipes said to add a Tablespoon of retrospect, I would've added a little more since the flavor was very light, almost not noticeable. I had planned to bring extra Passion Fruit compound for drizzling.
Passion Fruit Whipped Cream toppingPassion Fruit Compound for drizzling
So, I'm really sorry, but you'll just have to imagine Pavlova + Passion Fruit Whipped Cream + Freshly Sliced Guava all drizzled with Passion Fruit Sauce...Oh - it was so good. The tangyness of the guava and passion fruit flavors cut through the sweetness of the pavlova quite nicely. Another success and pretty easy to do. Kiwi as a topping would work well also. Yum yum yum!


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