Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Awww man...don't you hate being dissappointed? I just recently went to Hawaii and had a chance to sample a rare Beard Papa Cream Puff again at the new stores in Hawaii since I last had them in Japan. I don't know what happened! Did they wait too long before filling them? Was the cream too cold? Naw - the cream can never be too cold. I don't know what it was but it just didn't size up. If I didn't have that precious couple of puffs in Japan before I ate them in Hawaii, I would've thought they were something out of this world, but either the quality is just not the same or my mind is playing those tricks on me again where I believe something to be better than it actually was. *sigh*

My friend Jenn believes that maybe I just got a stale puff and that we should try them again when they come to Gardena, CA. And so I have a renewed vigor to try them again sometime in the future and hopefully be wowed.

Beard Papa lovers, don't be mad at me...no one is more upset than me! But for those who HAVEN'T yet tried one, this is a must! The cream is still delish and if you can get the most freshest puff dough in the shop - you just might be blown away. Until then, looks like I'll have to reccommend the Liliha Cocoa Puffs over the Beard Papas for now. (That is if you're in Hawaii) All other mainland areas where there's Beard Papa's...these are most likely still better than the competition out there.

On a brighter note, went back to Zov's in Tustin, CA and enjoyed a Chocolate-Strawberry-Tart with a girlfriend of mine while looking for wedding dresses and it's still as delicious as ever. I need to learn how to make that thang!