Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Always missing the party...

Open Table just added Longhi's (Wailea, Maui)...just about month after we went there. That's a whole 100 pts I lost! Oh the humanity!

*it's boring at work today, cut me some slack* :P

Ah, it's not a big deal - but it just reminded me of how I need to post my Maui eating pics to the blog and share our eating adventures. If you ever go here, or any of the other Longhi locations (see website), try the Amaretto Prawns! Yum-e!
Gulf prawns, in the shell, sautéed in
Amaretto, brandy,
fresh orange juice, and cream,
creating a sweet,
rich sauce with almond overtones.

But be warned, it's a sweet dish. If you're looking for more savory - I'd pick another dish, maybe the Ahi Torino...
Fresh Hawaiian sashimi grade tuna,
delicately marinated, encrusted
in macadamia nuts
and bread crumbs.
Sautéed in lemon and butter.

*smackin' lips and wishin' for the cabanas by the Maui shore* *sigh*