Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Are YOU a foodie?

Take this quiz and find out. :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

It's true!

My girlfriend just sent me this job description via email today. IT'S TRUE! Beard Papa's is comin' to Hawaii baby. And apparently to Gardena sometime soon too...oh, I can't wait. These tasty puffs have become an obsession for me since they've been so unattainable!

New Jersey beat out New York and LA for getting one of the these faaabulous puff places...go figure that. NJ, you're one lucky state.

Mmm, Passion Fruit...

Went to Jin again while my Mom was visiting. I thought she'd be more impressed...I guess I'm more into tea and food than she is. I have to remember not to be so dissappointed when others don't share my enthusiasm, lol. But oh...I can't get enough of that passion fruit/mango cake! I wanna make it now! Though I'd rather just go there and eat it but it's in the next county, yeah - with Gas prices soaring through the $3 roof, that cake will cost me a pretty penny. Well, went searching on the internet - and this is the closest cake I could find. But duuuude...WHO HAS THE TIME for something like this?!

If you do...can you make me one? hahahahahaha....

Friday, September 16, 2005


So sorry - I've been out on vacay and well, been busy eating and eating! My mom was in town to visit and boy did we eat. We hit a few of the places on this website and had a great time. I'll be back to post more on Monday! Until then...have some great eats!

Thursday, September 01, 2005

"Watch them wiggle...see them jiggle!"

Like Jell-O? Like Pretzels?


Hurricane Katrina Relief Info

If some of you are watching the news about the hurricane and feel helpless - or have relatives or loved ones there and don't know what to do in this crisis, please see the following website. It is the Federal Emergency Management Agency. It has a lot of information for donors AND for victims. I have family in Lousianna but they have survived with not much damage...but there are so many others struggling. With so many links out there and groups accepting money - I thought I might send you a list of those who are "valid" and recognized by the federal government.

Two websites where I have donated were the Red Cross site and the America's Second Harvest site. The Red Cross site is experiencing high volume traffic and is slow. Please do be patient as it may take 3-5 minutes for your donation to be processed after you click "submit".

dislaimer: please feel no obligation to donate. sometimes your help and monies are needed elsewhere. I am just sharing information that I thought might be useful.