Friday, March 23, 2007

I LOVE this site! They're adding more and more restaurants every week. Ofcourse, not all my favorites are on there but using the site definitely helps me to experience new restaurants. Take "The Crepe Vine" in Pasadena for example...very neat place, it's just off Colorado Blvd. in Old Town. It's a wine bar/french comfort food place and it's great. High ceilings with that exposed air duct look and Moulin Rouge kind of color inside makes it really nice for late night dining. And what's great is that if you are in the area after 8p on the weeknights, you can get 1000 points for dining there if you make a reservation through Right now, only 2000 points gets you a $20 gift certificate to any participating restaurant in I'm planning on using my certificate at The Cellar in Fullerton and it's supposed to work like cash! How I love getting paid to eat. :) Hey, the world's gotten expensive...and I like knowing that there's ways to really get rewarded in this life.

It's that time again...

60% Restaurant Gift Certificates!

This is the lowest price they offer next to the once a year at New Year's sale at 70% off. Get $25 certificates for only $4. Click on the link below and enter "MADNESS" at checkout to get the discount.

By the way - I'm #1 in my March Madness Pool this year....YEAH!