Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I love birthday dinners

I used to work with a great bunch of ladies at my old work place and I miss them very much...why? Because we used to eat at all the cool eateries down in San Pedro, CA for lunch every week. I've never met a bunch of ladies who enjoyed the taste of food so much. They're smart women too - they always take leftovers to go. Why? Well, because dessert is an absolute MUST and if you don't make it through to dessert, you're basically a loser because you didn't manage your stomach space well. Anyway - I am sooo excited because it's another birthday dinner this Saturday and this time they're not going to a restaurant but instead, sticking to a favorite tradition introduced by one of the ladies who hails from the south. We are going to enjoy our all time favorite Crab and Shrimp boil dinner! Ooooooh, my mouth waters just to think of it. Though the boil is done in true southern cajun spices style...the sauce is inspired by my Vietnamese girlfriend. If you like sour on your tastebuds, then you need to try this with your crab. Instead of butter (what?! no butter you say?!) take a lemon and squeeze it's juice into a little sauce container containing a whoooole lotta pepper and salt. surprisingly - it goes well...and I'm a bonafide butter lover. (Just ask Jenn). So, the next time you try crab - give this sauce a try. Whether it's vietnamese or just a lost tried and true crab dip tradition - it's worth a go...especially if you're trying to lower your fat intake.

I can't WAIT for Saturday...gee, is it my birthday or someone elses? haha.

Thursday, January 26, 2006


...wish there was a food to cure migraines. =(

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


JustJenn talks about Shepherd's Pie!


Dry salami on crackers with smoked hickory farm cheese...and wine. :)

Now THAT'S coffee

Today - a group of girls and I went to have a girl's birthday lunch since 3 of them are all born within a week of each other. We had teppanyaki at this place called Chomp where our bill came to less than $10 a person with a $25 coupon that I bought off of Restaurant.com (see link to right) for like $5 since they had a big big sale. Watching the cook flip the shrimp into the air and do volcanos with the onion and some oil was fun...but I just have to tell you about the coffee we got afterwards. We got some coffee from Lee's Sandwiches. Now if you don't know Lee's Sandwiches, they are the cheapest sandwiches I've ever bought. They are Vietnamese Sandwiches - and they are huge. They have all kinds so don't have to be adventurous to try one. But enough about the sandwiches...one of the other things that the Vietnamese are known for is for their strong strong coffees. Forget Starbucks man, this stuff is much more potent I think. But then again I'm not a coffee drinker. But wow - they love this stuff and they love it strong. So next time you're next to a Lee's, or a Vietnamese coffee shop/bakery - drop in and have a coffee. But beware - you better like it strong.

Friday, January 13, 2006

"Ancient Chinese Secret..."

It's always a good day when you get to find out the secret recipe to a food that you just absolutely LOVE! And for you southern californians who are free on Saturdays...here is your chance to learn to make the awesome Chocolate Strawberry Tarts that are served at the Zov's Bistro (also known as Zov's Cafe) in Tustin, CA. Zov's Bistro has cooking classes at their location several times a year. However, the only class that teaches you how to make the famous said tart is the Zov's Aphrodisiac Cooking class...yes, I said "Aphrodisiac". LOL - my girlfriend rolled over twice laughing just hearing me say it. No, it isn't Oysters and chocolate...well it's a little about chocolate...but it's more about making something that pleases your spouses tummy on Valentines Day than anything else. I think it's a great idea and it's their fastest sell-out class. It just got posted yesterday so if you want to go - you'd better sign up quick. :)

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Long time no see

I know, I know...there's always some dissappointment with a blog that's not updated regularly. Between engagement and the crazy holiday season, I've been very much a slacker. But ya'know, if I don't eat amazing things everyday - then I can't update this thing everyday...else I'd be 300 pounds and at 5 feet, that ain't pretty.

Good news is that I did get to experience some foodie moments while on vacation this year and I'm going to be sharing them as soon as I can get the pics downloaded. So stay tuned, it's a new year and with it comes new food to eat and savor.

Happy New Year!